January 16, 2017

Keynote Lecture
Takotsubo syndrome: An under-recognized cardiac emergency
T. F. Lüscher, Switzerland

Plenary sessionSanofi logo
PCSK-9 inhibitors: Revolution in cardiovascular medicine?
G. Steg, France
Sponsored by Sanofi

Luncheon SymposiumAstraZeneca logo
Sponsored by AstraZeneca
Opening and case presentation
Y. Rozenman, Israel

Prolonged DAPT – For whom? How long?
G. Steg, France

Panel Discussion
Chair: Y. Rozenman, Israel
Panel members: G. Steg, France, S. Matetzky, E. Lev, D. Zahger, Israel

January 17, 2017

Plenary SessionPfizer logo
Recent advances in the treatment of PE: The role of NOACs
G. Agnelli, Italy
Sponsored by Pfizer

Luncheon SymposiumNovartis - logo
How to deliver best care to heart failure patients in real world
Sponsored by Novartis
Paradigm-HF trial results and potential implication in real world practice
D. Hasdai, Israel

Panel of experts – case presentations and discussion
T. Ben Gal, O. Amir, I. Dobrecky-Mery, Israel